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Re: You could also do something like this:

On 2/2/2019, 3:27:16 PM, 😉 Good Guy 😉 <Hello.World@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was referring to that nym-shifter idiot who uses various nyms such as 
> "Disaster Mater" and " Tanstaafl ".

Pseudonyms get your dander up? At least mine are more creative than
yours ('Good Guy'? Really?).

> On Windows 10 newsgroups this guy even shits such that it is polluted
> and emitting a very bad smell!. I am seriously thinking of abandoning
> windows 10 and any other newsgroups where this guy hangs out.
Now you're just plain making crap up, since I deleted all of the
newsgroup accounts from Thunderbird a long, long time ago, and haven't
posted to a newsgroup since (at least 8 or more years now).

So, go peddle your bullshit somewhere else.
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