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Re: You could also do something like this:

Daniel wrote on 2/02/2019 9:32 PM:
😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote on 2/02/2019 3:13 AM:
On 01/02/2019 16:05, Disaster Master wrote:
On Fri Feb 01 2019 10:30:15 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), 😉 Good
Guy 😉 <Hello.World@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This sentence contains a strike function!!!!
Funny, I haven't seen ANY words that were struck out in your numerous
emails claiming such.
It could be because you are a known Disaster Master on these newsgroups. :-) :-) :-)

He is!! I've never known Walt as such!!

Opps!! Mis-read attributes!!


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