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Re: You could also do something like this:

On 2/1/19 4:11 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
On Fri Feb 01 2019 15:37:00 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), 😉 Good
Guy 😉 <Hello.World@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 01/02/2019 20:30, Tanstaafl wrote:
And yet you still have not demonstrated what a strike-through looks like
in any of the emails you sent.

You need to read all my posts in HTML format and you will see quite
clearly "_*what a strike-through*_" looks like.

I have always had TB set to View > Message Body As > Original HTML, and
again, yours do not show any strike throughs - nor did this one, and
your attempt to bold/underline failed as well (well, half failed, it did
show in bold at least) - see above quoted text for what it looks like).

Above quoted text looks like it is plain text as viewing the source of the message confirms.

I see all the HTML formats in the messages from Good Guy using View > Message Body As > Original HTML.

Try updating your Thunderbird 52.7.0 to 65.0 and let us know what you see. You could also try a test profile with just the news account and this newsgroup.

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