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Re: Frequent updates

On 2/1/19 5:20 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
I've been on the beta cycle for a couple of major updates.  It seems like the betas for 65 and 66 are coming almost every day now.  WTF?  A new QC person with high standards?  New hires selected for incompetence?  Something else?

If you are using Firefox 65 beta, the first release (65.0b3) was Tuesday and 65.0b4 was released today.

Firefox 65.0b1 and b2 are the developer edition released on Tuesday and Friday last week.

Betas are built on Monday and Thursday, released on Tuesday and Friday. It's been that way for years.

Use a release version which gets updated every six to eight weeks (unless a chemspill update is needed) if you don't want frequent updates.

I use the Nightly which updates twice a day.

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