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Monday January 28, 2019

You Must Be Kidding:
Not only did the Israeli soldiers allow the settlers who opened fire in the Palestinian village of Al-Mughayyir to leave the scene of the crime Saturday where a Palestinian man was shot in the back and killed, the Israel Police who are investigating the man's killing had yet to question any member of the settlers involved by Sunday night.*

*The papers reported that there were conflicting versions over who shot in the back and killed the Palestinian man, Hamdy Taleb Na'asan, 48, in his village Saturday, the Israeli settlers or the soldiers. The settlers admitted they opened fire but only in the air, and they changed what they said about the soldiers and now accuse them of opening fire, too. The soldiers say they didn’t open fire and the Palestinians say both opened fire at them, injuring numerous people and killilng Na’asan, a father of four. Only Haaretz+ took note that until the papers went to press last night, the Israeli police did not detain or question any of the settlers who entered the village. And, that the soldiers who were at the scene on Saturday did not stop or detain the settlers when it happened. And only Haaretz sent a reporter to cover the funeral and talk to the witnesses of the attack on the village. Amira Hass visited the village and interviewed the witnesses.

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