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Re: Did Mozilla finally kill this group?

WaltS48 wrote on 25/01/2019 9:06 AM:
On 1/24/19 3:58 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
On Thu Jan 24 2019 03:15:02 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), Daniel
<dxmm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"TDS"?? "Trump, Donald Syndrome"??


Yes, I am aware of "a thing called 'internet search'" ... and I have
done such ... when I saw any need for it!!

So, making bad ass-u-me-ptions (that Walts stupid quote of Trumps had
anything to do with 'the' wall) doesn't qualify as a need for it?

For those who give a shit, he was talking to some graduating students in
a 2004 ceremony, in very general terms, about not letting obstacles get
in your way of success.

Again, nothing whatsoever to do with a wall on the Border/ border security.

In other words... just more TDS   F A K E   N E W S

Wouldn't a wall on the border be an obstacle to those that want to live a better life in our wonderful country, where the Commerce Secretary worth over $700 million dollars doesn't understand why federal workers have to use food banks?

Doesn't matter if it is a mental or physical wall.

Didn't we open our arms to Vietnamese refugees during or after the Vietnam War?

Yes, Walt, but it could possible be argued that "WE" caused the outcome of the Vietnam War. So accepted the refugees.

The current situation with 'refugees' is not of our making ... except that Western Civilisation Standards of Living are somewhat better than for Third World countries!!


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