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Re: Did Mozilla finally kill this group?

On 1/24/19 3:58 PM, Disaster Master wrote:
On Thu Jan 24 2019 03:15:02 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time), Daniel
<dxmm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
"TDS"?? "Trump, Donald Syndrome"??


Yes, I am aware of "a thing called 'internet search'" ... and I have
done such ... when I saw any need for it!!

So, making bad ass-u-me-ptions (that Walts stupid quote of Trumps had
anything to do with 'the' wall) doesn't qualify as a need for it?

For those who give a shit, he was talking to some graduating students in
a 2004 ceremony, in very general terms, about not letting obstacles get
in your way of success.

Again, nothing whatsoever to do with a wall on the Border/ border security.

In other words... just more TDS   F A K E   N E W S

Wouldn't a wall on the border be an obstacle to those that want to live a better life in our wonderful country, where the Commerce Secretary worth over $700 million dollars doesn't understand why federal workers have to use food banks?


Doesn't matter if it is a mental or physical wall.

Didn't we open our arms to Vietnamese refugees during or after the Vietnam War?

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Donald Trump - 2004

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