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Re: Thunderbird HTML compose does not have STRIKE format??

Em 21-01-2019 20:45, Ray_Net escreveu:
> Balaco ocalaB wrote on 21-01-19 18:55:
>> I usually use simple text messages almost only, discarding all HTML
>> details, sending or receiving most messages - and eventually using
>> simple tricks to emphasize or any other event we want to show more.
>> Right now, I wanted to write a message where I would paste a long text
>> which I copied somewhere, but I will strike parts of it. HTML has strike
>> tag - since HTML 3 we have it! But there is no strike button.
>> In the menu, there is the option. How do I make the button for it exist
>> in the compose window? The "personalize" right menu only works for the
>> buttons ABOVE the "to" and "from" fields. Not from the buttons in the
>> composing area.
>> Ideas? A shortcut to that option (to strike) does not exist. 😤 Can I
>> choose one for it?
> Do you want to STRIKE this word ?
> Yes ? then select the word and go to "Format" - "TextStyle" -
> "Strikethrough"

I knew that, and I said it: "In the menu, there is the option." I want
two things:

1. a button together with the formatting buttons in the message compose

2. a shortcut to be used when composing HTML messages

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