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Have a plan for your time as a dominatrix. There's a big role-playing component with being a dominatrix. Come up with a routine so that you don’t get stuck in your role. Plan your routine and practice it so that it feels natural when it comes to time to perform your act.
You can watch videos of dominatrixes to get ideas.
Ask your partner if they have specific desires. Incorporate these desires into your routine.
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Purchase and learn to use accessories. Accessories are a large part of BDSM. A whip, blindfold, paddle, rope, and handcuffs are some commonly used dominatrix accessories. You can order these online or purchase them from a sex shop. Make sure that you and your partner are comfortable with the use of accessories.[2]
Some other accessories you can use are leash and collar and chastity belt.
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Turn your items into accessories. If you can’t buy accessories, you can turn some of your items into BDSM accessories. For example, you can use a belt, silk tie, or sleeping mask. Just be sure that it’s okay with your partner if the items belong to them.[3]
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Train to use the accessories. It requires some learning to use accessories correctly. For example, it takes practice with a whip to give the desired level of pain on the skin of your client without leaving wounds. Practice with your accessories and learn about them before fully using them.[4]
Don't use too much power. Getting carried away could lead to injury.
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Decide on a safe word with your partner. Typically, the submissive will have a code that tells the dominatrix when they need to stop or hold back. Ask your partner or client to come up with a safe word to let you know when to stop. For example, the word could be “purple.” Over time, you can develop a language with them that allows the “act” to go smoothly.[5]
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Be attentive to your partner’s needs. Boss your partner around and stay in control, but be responsive to what they ask for. Along with being responsive, know when to stop if your partner or client looks in pain or is unconscious. Some minor pain may be desired, but the partner should not be truly hurt.[6]
Looking Like a Dominatrix
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Get the attire that you feel most confident wearing. A full-bodied (often black) cat-suit is a mainstay of fetish and bondage culture. Make sure your suit is made from leather or rubber latex. If suits aren’t your thing, find some sexy, black dresses or lingerie. Your partner also may request for you to wear a certain outfit.[7]
The leather suit is better to use in the bedroom (or otherwise) than day to day use.
There's a difference between a dominant lifestyle and fetishism, but the skintight black bodysuit remains an iconic garment in both communities.
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Invest in high heels. Thigh-high stiletto boots are commonly worn by dominatrixes. Like the cat-suit, these boots represent dominatrix attire to mainstream culture. Platform boots and stilettos can also be worn. It’s also an option to wear flat, black boots if you can’t wear heels.[8]

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