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Re: Did Mozilla finally kill this group?

On 2019-01-17 02:28, Mark Rousell wrote:
On 17/01/2019 05:15, Sailfish wrote:
Much of the Firefox fervor has been sapped away once XUL/XPCOM was
de-supported. Similarly, technological articles anymore focus on
adding another camera or display screen type to smartphones or the
latest spy-laden IoT device.

Long and short of it, interesting technology is in a funk.

2 pennies worth

I think you've got something there.

And using technology has become too easy!

The technology is "mature". So now marketing features are more important than technical improvements. Happens alla da time. Eg, in a new car review I read last year, the major praise was for the "thoughtful provision of cup holders" in every possible spot. The reviewer was real driver, not a PR hack.

The first sure sign that computer technology was moving into consumer-appliance territory was the demise of BYTE magazine.

IMO, the only serious topic these days is security. Eg:

a) This a.m. heard on the news that a Spencer Bridges pleaded guilty to mischief after hacking into the local university's database. He was amazed and disturbed at how easy it was, and reported his results to the U management, who promptly alerted the police.

b) One of my relatives got a call from "Skype" telling her she had a security breach, etc. She "let them into my computer...", but was put off by their request for $49. I advised her to take her machine to her tech) and have him scan and clean her it.

c) [add your own anecdote ;-)]

Wolf K
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