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Re: Thunderbird e-mail failure

Em 02-01-2019 05:22, Daniel escreveu:
> Desiree wrote on 2/01/2019 9:52 AM:
>> On 1/1/2019 7:53 AM, Joskin wrote:
>>> On 2018-12-31 15:51, WaltS48 wrote:
>>>> On 12/30/18 12:46 PM, alexyu wrote:
>>>>> WaltS48 wrote, on 27 Dec 18 12:00:
>>>>>> Google is your friend.
>>>>> My friends don't spy on me, or sell my personal info...  -- I hope!
>>>> Google is generic for search. If you told someone "DuckDuckGo is your 
>>>> friend" would they know what you mean?
>>>> Remember the majority of the billions of users are members of the 
>>>> mindless masses.
>>>> I'll try to remember to use "Searching online for an answer is your 
>>>> friend" in the future.
>>>> You can answer the "How do I search online?" question.
>>> "Ask the Duck" seems to be used in parts of the UK. It's 'catchy' and if
>>>     someone questions it, then an explanation is no bad thing (even to
>>> one of the 'mindless masses') :)
>> I just say, or write, "I DDGed for an answer".
> Seems more awkward then 'Google it'!!

Look only to the cover and you will not see what really is in a book.

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