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"I cannot recall any time in my entire career that such statements against law enforcement authorities [were made] by anyone other than heads of crime organizations." —Retired High Court justice, Eliyahu Matza, told Israel Radio after Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu posted a video clip in which he compared the Attorney General’s plan to announce before elections whether to indict him to the hand amputation of a man who was wrongly convicted.*

*Elections 2019 News:
Likud ministers continued their attack on new and popular political candidate, former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz, calling him a ‘closet leftist’ and saying his wife volunteers with “MachsomWatch,” a volunteer organization of Israeli women who are peace activists, and they attacked Attorney General, Avichai Mendelblit, who plans to announce next month whether he will indict Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, while former High Court justice, Eliyahu Matza, slammed Netanyahu ‘for talking like a crime boss’ after Netanyahu also slammed Mendelblit in a controversial video clip about a severed arm. “He needs to understand that serving as prime minister is not a private venture that he brought with him from home and that must be kept at any price. The prime minister, the government, members of Knesset, Netanyahu's friends – they are all under the law and they absolutely must not make comments like these that are no less than incitement against the attorney general and law enforcement agencies. It's just incitement, in the criminal sense of the word,” Matza told Israel Radio. Yedioth and Maariv reported on Matza’s accusations only on their websites. Meanwhile, three senior commentators, one judicial, one political and one military, wrote in their papers about how Netanyahu and his ministers, right-wing members of Knesset as well as centrist politicians are not speaking out in defense of the Shin Bet, which is being attacked by right-wing Jews for its detention of Jewish minors in a Jewish terror case. Maariv’s Ben Caspit wrote that the reason was that the right-wing politicians do not want to upset their political base.

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