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How Al Aqsa Mosque was "moved" from Saudi Arabia to Jerusalem

People think the Al Aqsa Mosque is in Jerusalem. But is Jerusalem mentioned at all in the Quran? Where is the real Al Aqsa Mosque? The truth lies right here.

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Timely Topics

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Big things are in story for Israel and Brazil!

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Frank Sinatra was a "secret agent" for Israel

Did you know what Frank Sinatra did for the Jewish state?

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"Baby Shark" meets Shabbat in this incredible Maccabeats mashup

The Maccabeats just made the most brilliant mashup taking the popular children’s song “Baby Shark” to go through the day of Shabbat. They could not have done it better. Once you listen, you won’t be able to stop listening to Baby Shark Shabbat-style!

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Story of Hope
Israeli Mother of 5 Battling Ovarian Cancer Finally Hopeful with Treatment in Turkey
Ahava Emunah

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Shalom from Jerusalem!
Avi Abelow
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