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Re: Thunderbird e-mail failure

On 2019-01-02 12:43, PietB wrote:

Most people are computer illiterates and don't change *anything*.
Fair chance that they let their (grand)kids, a neighbour or some
other character pretending to be knowledgeable, screw up their
computer, tablet or smartphone. In other words: "most people"
doesn't mean a thing, let alone that it would prove anything.[...]

Sounds like you're annoyed that "most people" even dare to use computers, let alone complain about their shortcomings.

If you ignore what most people expect, you will design unusable crap. The only reason most people put up with horribly designed digital gear is that there isn't anything better available. The reason Apple has such a large and dedicated following is that Jobs understood this. The rest of the digital world is (finally) following his lead. Too bad that this will result in less and less work for computer-literate people to help out those computer-illiterate masses.

Read The Design of Everyday Things. This link will give you a sense of what you're missing:


Wolf K
It's called an "opinion" because it's not a fact.
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