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Re: Thunderbird e-mail failure

WaltS48 wrote:
> PietB wrote:
>> Daniel wrote:
>>> I did try posting my question ("What did 'Google' mean 30, 50 years ago??")
>>> into Google.com (rather than my normal DuckDuckGo.com) ....
>>> and got all sorts of responses, mostly of sites featured on google.com.
>>> Today, I'm getting a whole different response.
>> duckduckgo is a search engine, google a commercial random generator.
> Most users use the Chrome web browser.
> I would not think many of those users change search engines.

Most people are computer illiterates and don't change *anything*.
Fair chance that they let their (grand)kids, a neighbour or some
other character pretending to be knowledgeable, screw up their
computer, tablet or smartphone. In other words: "most people"
doesn't mean a thing, let alone that it would prove anything.

> Now they just ask Google Home, Siri or Alexa and bypass the browser 
> completely.

Most people use faecesbook and whatsapp too, adding to the proof
that they don't give a damn about privacy.


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