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Re: FF 61 & 64 hangs

Em 20-12-2018 12:06, WaltS48 escreveu:
> On 12/20/18 4:52 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
>> Em 17-12-2018 16:15, The Real Bev escreveu:
>>> On 12/15/2018 01:24 PM, The Real Bev wrote:
>>>> I'm being completely blocked now in m.s.f.  My comment here is
>>>> apparently off topic.  I've had other problems which were not posted.
>>>> Granted, I didn't actually ASK for help or explanation here, but I would
>>>> assume that those would be... assumed.
>>>> I get "this script is taking too long" messages sometimes, but not soon
>>>> enough.  Sometimes a 'something crashed this tab, do you want to
>>>> restore?' message and a promise to send a report.   Sometimes I just
>>>> have to wait.  Doesn't happen with Chrome.  I don't even expect a
>>>> solution any more, just an explanation.
>>>> On 12/13/2018 07:40 PM, borgus wrote:
>>>>    > > On random pages FF hangs and Task Manager must be used to kill it.
>>>>    > >
>>>>    > > FF has been refreshed
>>>>    > > FF has been reinstalled
>>>>    > > All plugins have been removed
>>>>    > > Cookies have been deleted
>>>>    > > PC has been rebooted
>>>>    > >
>>>>    > > Only thing NOT done is new profile creation, because data will be lost.
>>>>    > >
>>>>    > > This issue surfaced only recently.  Latest FF version is installed.
>>>>    > >
>>>>    > > Clues?
>>>> This started roughly a week ago.  FF61 and 64 for linux.  Suddenly ALL
>>>> resources are grabbed by something and I can't do ANYTHING until it goes
>>>> away by itself.  Sometimes there will be tiny windows where I can kill
>>>> processes or firefox itself by hand, but this is intolerable.  Having a
>>>> dead machine for 5 minutes maybe a dozen times a day is a really good
>>>> reason to start using a different browser.
>>> I updated my FF64beta to 65beta and the problem seems to have
>>> disappeared.  Post still hasn't shown up fin m.s.f.
>>> The 'bookmarks' function seems to take a really long time to load.  I
>>> write my bookmarks off to bookmarks.html every once in a while, and I'd
>>> really like to import this file into the bookmarks function in FF65,
>>> whose bookmarks function is NOT current.  I've tried importing from the
>>> .html file, but it just doesn't seem to do it.
>>> Worst case:  I can copy over one of the bookmark files from FF61 into
>>> FF65.  I guess...
>> I am not happy with FF way to add new bookmarks, but it is not slow or
>> have strange problems - besides being badly planned.
>> So now they change the version numbers so much fast! Weeks ago it was
>> 60, for a BIG change in many things... now they are preparing 64 and
>> 65... those are, for sure, not big change releases - which, in software
>> world, do not justify an increase in the first part of the version number.
>> I am perfectly happy with my Firefox ESR 52.2.0. Everything I want works
>> fine.
> Hackers thank you leaving security vulnerabilities open for them to exploit.
> Yinz all can review them here.
> <https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/security/known-vulnerabilities/>

If you know how to browse the web, there should not be a problem.

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