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Re: Replacement for "Use bcc: Instead" ?

On 12/18/2018 4:47 PM, Mortman wrote:
On 12/18/2018 12:22 PM, Dave Royal wrote:
> On Sun, 09 Dec 2018 10:45:49 -0600, Dave Royal wrote:
> > > > I built a version that works with TB 60
> > <https://github.com/revad/use_bcc_instead_A>
> > > > You have to d a bit of work to install it.
> I posted a later version here
> http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=3041270

I had previously installed the TB 60 version in my TB 63 copy of
Thunderbird. (At that time that was the only current version available).
As I've stated in a previous post, it worked flawlessly. I've been using
it ever since with no problems.

How does this newest version 3.5.0 differ from 3.4?

Is there any reason to delete the v 3.4 and install 3.5.0 instead?

How do they differ?

Hopefully you will include this in Firefox's listing of AddOns for

Thank you for a great time saver and privacy saver when sending group


I have it installed in v. 60.3.3 rather than v.63.

Sorry about that.

.... Mort

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