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Re: they've finally gotten around to breaking Firefox for me

On 12/17/18 7:37 PM, »Q« wrote:
Back when the "Firefox is copying Chrome" complaints were just
appearance-related, I thought they were silly.  I don't care whether or
not tabs look rounded or squared-off.

Now developers are getting around to destroying some real functionality
so that people who have built muscle memory in Chrome won't be
inconvenienced -- this "trumps" muscle memory of longtime Firefox users.

Here's the specific change that's bothering me:

And here's the developer responsible saying after the fact that
he didn't and doesn't understand the way people used it before, but also
his mind's made up never to bring it back:

They used to understand:

Not on a Mac here, but another feature I never knew existed.

Was it Mac only?

If it was quickly fixed 15 years ago when first filed, would you know?

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