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Re: Net Neutrality

Wolf K wrote on 12/14/2018 3:47 PM:
On 2018-12-14 16:01, rjlocal22@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Does Net Neutrality mean anyone can say or do what they want without government interference? Hmmm! What about the criminals who prey on net users to scam them out of their money?
Are we suppose to allow them the freedom to commit their crimes?
There must be some type of policing or software to protect people from scammers.
The use of protective software would be voluntary.
Your opinion please.

Irrelevant to the concept of "net neutrality". May be relevant to notions of civil society, protection of the public, etc.

"Net Neutrality" means that the ISPs must treat all customers equally. In particular, they cannot sell high speed service to either content suppliers nor to consumers.

In February, the FCC abolished net neutrality in the USA. here's one of several reports on that decision:


The net effect is that the ISPs can offer tiered pricing to their customers. Have they done so? I don't know.

Comcast sells access by speed. There are a few tires for "homes" and other business arrangements (I think these include fixed IP). This all was available BEFORE the FCC pissed in the soup so I'm having trouble understanding what, in addition, must be mixed into the concept of "neutrality".
Jeff Barnett

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