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Re: Microsoft’s new Office icons are part of a bigger design overhaul

My bloviated meandering follows what Ant graced us with on 12/1/2018 10:30 AM:

Interesting article. Thank you for sharing. I never liked the flat GUI designs. I am old school and prefer the 3Dish GUI with shadows and all that.

BTW, why does your signature's link use a tinyurl.com when it goes to a short https://projectit.com/ address? :/

It is said that when asked to interpret some earlier jotted notes, Mark Twain stated that when he first wrote them, only he and God knew what they said and, regrettably, now ... only God knows.

In answer to your question, different circumstance but the same outcome. All I know for certain is that I had rationalized a very sound reason for doing it that way at the time. :-)

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