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Re: Firefox settings for downloads are all "always ask", but Firefox still download and open epub

Em 25-11-2018 21:13, WaltS48 escreveu:
> On 11/25/18 5:55 PM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
>> Hello, people,
>> I always choose to save every download Firefox makes - and I really HATE
>> the fact that it downloads to a subfolder in /tmp (in *nixes, other OSes
>> will be something equivalent).
>> 'Edit > General > Downloads' is checked to "always ask where to save
>> files". 'Edit > Preferences > Applications' have almost all items set as
>> "ask", so I am prompted about where they should be downloaded. This
>> works - for almost all files, as I discovered a few weeks ago.
>> For an epub file, the prompt never happen! The epub item is not present
>> in that setting list (possible "solution"?). There is not option to add
>> one. FF simply saved the file in /tmp, as said, and asked OS to open it.
>> To use the thread to do a related question: How can I change the folder
>> that Firefox will use for downloaded files it is asked to open (instead
>> of saving)? Id est, change /tmp to something else I choose.
> How's about a link to a site where we can test this and see if we can 
> provide a solution.

In the following site, with the settings as I said, when I choose the
PDF link, I get the desired dialog asking to save or to open (I never
choose the latter option). When I choose epub, firefox chooses "open"
for me - and there is not anything epub filetype in edit > preferences >


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