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Firefox settings for downloads are all "always ask", but Firefox still download and open epub

Hello, people,

I always choose to save every download Firefox makes - and I really HATE
the fact that it downloads to a subfolder in /tmp (in *nixes, other OSes
will be something equivalent).

'Edit > General > Downloads' is checked to "always ask where to save
files". 'Edit > Preferences > Applications' have almost all items set as
"ask", so I am prompted about where they should be downloaded. This
works - for almost all files, as I discovered a few weeks ago.

For an epub file, the prompt never happen! The epub item is not present
in that setting list (possible "solution"?). There is not option to add
one. FF simply saved the file in /tmp, as said, and asked OS to open it.

To use the thread to do a related question: How can I change the folder
that Firefox will use for downloaded files it is asked to open (instead
of saving)? Id est, change /tmp to something else I choose.

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