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Re: Automatically Updated - Against My Wishes

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> On 22/11/2018 16:03, John McGaw wrote:
> The mistake people make is they use their machine while logged in as 
> Administrator.  That is bad;  In fact a very bad habit but we can't 
> them to change their habits.

I have had cases where both Thunderbird and Firefox have upgraded against 
my wishes even though I had specifically changed the settings to not 
update. This has happened on Linux systems (both Debian and Mint) in a 
standard user account (NOT root or admin level) where I have a LOCAL 
install (ie: I installed it to MY account to keep it separate from the 
systems intallation). As a developer of extensions I often want to test 
against different versions of Thunderbird (and Firefox) and this update 
issue causes lots of problems.

> when prompted.  Therefore, nothing can get installed without the user 
> knowing anything about it.  So when people come here and say something 
> like:  "Automatically Updated - Against My Wishes" I sit back and 
> a bit.  How can this be possible!!!  etc etc.

Do you have a suggestion on how to stop Thunderbird updating without 
permission? This topic has already been raised by someone else and there 
were no fixes suggested. Your comment about not using Administrator level 
accounts is valid but fails to address the issue. Please stay on topic.
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