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Re: Java Updates??

Terry wrote on 16/11/2018 2:16 PM:
On 11/12/2018 9:21 PM On a whim, Daniel pounded out on the keyboard

Terry wrote on 13/11/2018 12:02 PM:
On 9/19/2018 5:32 AM On a whim, Daniel pounded out on the keyboard

Over the last couple of months, I've received several notifications
about a Java (not JavaScript!!) update being available for my Win7 Pro
but, when I click on the notification, I quickly get told that the
Update could not be installed.

If I go to Start->Control Panel->Java (32bit) Control Panel and select
"About" on the General tab, it shows "Version 8 Update 161 (build

If I then select the "Update" tab and click the "Update Now" button, I
told there is a Java Update Available (Java 8 Update 181) but, when I
then click the "Update>" button, I rapidly get a "Error - Java Update"
window which tells me "Failed to download required installation files".

Again .... and again ... and again!!

Is it just me?? Is there a problem with my Win7 system??

Anyone got a valid suggestion??
Hi Daniel,

I've seen that on just about every Win7 machine. I don't even bother
waiting for it to fail any more, and download the file manually when I
see an update is available.

Hope all is well,


Terry, been a looonnngg time since I've seen you around these parts!!

I woke up this morning, so things are at least O.K.!!

How are things with you??

Yep, if we open our eyes in the morning, it's a blessing!

Doing well. Looking forward to the holidays for our family. I feel in good health, and everyone in our family appears to be also, and we weren't near any of the fires, so I have nothing to complain about.

Except of course the Java Updater failing all the time...

But I did resolve an issue with the Windows Monthly Rollups on a lot of Win7 machines failing since August. I found the problem was an update (KB3177467) that didn't get installed on a lot of machines over a YEAR ago causes the Rollups to fail! Go figure.  I patched all the machines that I knew were failing and each one of them completed the Rollup this month. I don't pay too much attention if a Rollup fails once in a while, but when it had occurred on so many machines, I realized it wasn't normal. It had been bothering me after September's also failed, and again last month, so I set out to figure it out!

Take care,

That "year ago" problem may have effected my Lappy as well! For quite a while, I didn't get any monthly update, so I had started to think MS had stopped supporting Win 7. Then, earlier this year, I was real surprised when, one evening, as I was shutting down, I got the "Windows is updating. Do not switch off." screen, again

Computers!! Bah!! Humbug!!


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