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Windows 10 1809 update

So you are happy with Microsoft spying on you, but not with Mozilla collecting data using Telemetry to make Firefox better.

"This time, the company says it’s embracing an even more careful approach, so it could take longer until version 1809 becomes available for all systems worldwide.

“We are taking a more measured approach with the October Update, slowing our rollout to more carefully study device health data. We will offer the October Update to users via Windows Update when data shows your device is ready and you will have a great experience,” John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery, explains.

“If we detect that your device may have an issue, such as an application incompatibility, we will not install the update until that issue is resolved.”"


I had updates to my Ubuntu today and I know the same are available for my Linux Mint OS. Looking forward to booting up the Windows 10 notebook to see if I have 3 strikes. ;)
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