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Re: Google Calendars gone after update to 60.3

On 11/13/18 11:11 AM, Tanstaafl wrote:
Ok, I just decided to see how many of my extensions would die after an
update, and the very first problem I have is with my 2 google calendars.

Lightning is there (ver 6.2.3), Provider for Google Calendar is there
(ver 4.4.2), but my calendars are gone.

I've tried disabling Provider, and then tried resetting/removing
Lightning per the update issues support article here:


but to no avail. There is also a minor visual artifact going on, where
the 'Start' column header in the all day events list is kind of flashing

Anyone know anything else I can try?

I haven't tried re-adding the calendars yet, but I'd much prefer to fix
this, because I have a lot of other computers I'll be upgrading, and
would rather find a smooth(er) transition.


If you're on Linux, I'm on Mint, you need to Install package: xul-ext-lightning via the package manager or sudo apt install

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