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Re: OT: Remembrance Day, Veterans Day

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> Wolf K wrote on 11/11/2018 11:19 AM:
>> 100 years ago tomorrow, the First World War ended with an
>> armistice. On November 11th, we recall and the honour those who
>> died for us in that war, and in all wars before and since. Here's
>> what I wrote some years ago:

>> https://kirkwood40.blogspot.com/2014/11/remembrance-day.html

> I know I'm being picky picky, Walt, and mean no offence what so ever
> :-) ... but, why, when discussing Red, Green and Blue, do you U.S.
> of A.'ians call them "colors" rather than "colours" (as a large part
> of the rest of the world does) but, here, (correctly) refer to the
> "honour" that is bestowed on those who fought??

     It was Wolf, not Walt, who wrote that, and he (Wolf) is Canadian.

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