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Re: OT: Remembrance Day, Veterans Day

Wolf K wrote on 11/11/2018 11:19 AM:
100 years ago tomorrow, the First World War ended with an armistice. On November 11th, we recall and the honour those who died for us in that war, and in all wars before and since. Here's what I wrote some years ago:


I know I'm being picky picky, Walt, and mean no offence what so ever :-) ... but, why, when discussing Red, Green and Blue, do you U.S. of A.'ians call them "colors" rather than "colours" (as a large part of the rest of the world does) but, here, (correctly) refer to the "honour" that is bestowed on those who fought??

Me, myself, I joined the Aust Army in 1973 and did not finish my trade training until 1976, by which time Vietnam was all over! Completed twenty years though!

My father and mother enlisted for service during WWII. He had good memories of those times, or rather the people he met, and often attended reunions, Mum didn't speak much at all about her "Home" service.


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