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Re: Cache Coherence

On 27/10/2018 15:04, John McGaw wrote:
This is about all browsers, not just FF: how does a browser "know" that it is time to update cache contents. Or does it ever? I just had a subtle problem show up with my website in that some sort of glitch got into the primary CSS file. I traced it down and fixed it and then uploaded it to the server, overwriting the existing file. I had tested on my local WAMP64 server and it worked perfectly but on the live site the glitch still showed up in FF. That really had me going for a while so I tried it on several other browser I have installed for testing purposes and the problem was there too.

Eventually I thought to kill cached data in FF (and then the others) and the glitch disappeared but I have to ask myself, why doesn't a browser, presented with a changed file (by date/time at the very least) just go ahead and reload it? If this is widespread behavior then it is no wonder that so many websites experience problems -- my site is static and simple with no JS, no cookies, and nothing else that could be problematic and FF still tripped over it.

Try this article which explains how cache works and what settings can be tweaked.


Good luck.

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