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Re: TB/FF Weirdness

Em 24-09-2018 18:47, The Real Bev escreveu:
> On 09/24/2018 11:43 AM, Balaco ocalaB wrote:
>> Em 24-09-2018 01:14, The Real Bev escreveu:
>>> I worry about Android apps doing the same thing, but I don't have any
>>> control so there's no point in worrying.  Even so...
>> root...
> *I* am root on my computer, but I don't feel at all comfy messing around 
> with my phone beyond installing stuff from .apk files and using whatever 
> facilities are provided by the apps I use..  We tried to root something 
> maybe 5 years ago and ended up being sorry.

But as far as I know, if the rooting process (or anything else) goes
wrong, a factory like reset is always possible. I would not try anything
without having an "abort, get me back" procedure.

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