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Re: [OT] Re: Word of Warning !

On Fri, 21 Sep 2018 21:23:50 +0100, ? Good Guy ?
<Hello.World@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>On 21/09/2018 20:33, FredW wrote:
>> Thank you for your answer on behalf of Chris Ilias, but this does not
>> show what is a " personal attack"  according to Mozilla.
>> Did you find it?
>What exactly did you say in your post?

As long as I am waiting on an answer from the moderator,
I think it is not polite to disclose my original post.

>We don't know what was in your removed post so we can't say either way.  
>Walt was simply posting whatever he could find in "General". For 
>specifics, you need to ask Chris Ilias.  He is the boss and his word is 

I know, I am (patiently) waiting.

>> I will have to wait on a reply of the censor himself on my email to him.
>> (if any).
>Good.  Keep us informed unless the reply is very private.


Fred W. (nld)
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