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Re: [OT] Re: Word of Warning !

On 21/09/2018 20:33, FredW wrote:

Thank you for your answer on behalf of Chris Ilias, but this does not
show what is a " personal attack"  according to Mozilla.
Did you find it?

What exactly did you say in your post? Even if you didn't attack the OP or anybody here, any swear word is deemed to be violation of TOS. You have to be whiter than white on those two newsgroups. I don't know anything about other moderated newsgroups but the rules must be almost the same. You can't use f*** word on them.

What we need is to ban those two Indians posting sex links here. Everyday I see two posts from them using different nyms/eMail address so we can't filter them. I know they are indians because I was reporting them to their ISPs but they can't do anything because these CELL phones they are using are not registered. They are just "Pay As you Go" type and as long as ISPs are getting their money, they are not bothered.

By the way, I do not see how the criteria you link could apply on my
removed post,
We don't know what was in your removed post so we can't say either way. Walt was simply posting whatever he could find in "General". For specifics, you need to ask Chris Ilias. He is the boss and his word is final.

I do not use abusive (or likewise) language.

I do but in moderation. Many of my posts never see light of day here because of my reputation. But life must go on. There is no point in crying about them. In fact there are only two or three people actually reading my posts. I can see on Google Groups but clearly it is not indicative because Newsgroup readers are more than GoogleGroup users.

I will have to wait on a reply of the censor himself on my email to him.
(if any).

Good.  Keep us informed unless the reply is very private.

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