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Re: Re-arranging TB

rebro wrote on 21/09/2018 4:08 AM:
Am 20.09.2018 um 18:11 schrieb Balaco ocalaB:
Em 19-09-2018 18:38, Christian Riechers escreveu:
On 9/19/18 11:10 PM, WaltS48 wrote:
On 9/19/18 1:50 PM, rebro wrote:
I still miss the extension "Manually Sort Folders".
Is there any extension resp. workaround that could substitute this
once useful app?

What's wrong with version 1.1.1 that is supposed to work with TB
versions 45 - 63?

It doesn't work.
The author just bumped up the compatibility version number, but didn't
bother to fix the underlying problem(s).

So change to version 45.something! I have "manually sort folders"
extension, and I sort the accounts in it today! I will *not* ever update
Thunderbird here without testing that everything I use is compatible or
available in a newer version.

Though I ardently wish I could sort my accounts (whose arrangements are pretty chaotic by now and considerably differ from account to account) as in the olden days, I am not sure whether this one item is worth abandoning the improvements that have been achieved meanwhile.

I use SeaMonkey Suite and if I enter "about:config" in the Browser address bar, I get a listing of the preference that determine how SM runs. I'm not at all sure how you would get to the preference in TB, though ... maybe something under Options maybe!!

Anyway, on that preferences screen, one of the preferences listed is

mail.accountmanager.accounts;	account1,account2,account3,account6

This lists the accounts I have set up (1=mail, 2=Local Folders, 3=Mozilla News Server, and 6=Usenet News Server. (I must have deleted accounts 4 and 5 at some time!!)

If I change the order of the accounts in that listing, e.g.


and then restarted SeaMonkey, I believe I'd change the order in which the accounts are displayed in the Accounts Pane.

Is this not possible in TB??

(Of course, be safe and back-up your profile before fiddling ... you know ... just in case!!)

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