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Re: Java Updates??

WaltS48 wrote:
On 9/19/18 11:07 AM, Ray_Net wrote:
Daniel wrote on 19-09-18 14:32:
Over the last couple of months, I've received several notifications about a Java (not JavaScript!!) update being available for my Win7 Pro but, when I click on the notification, I quickly get told that the Update could not be installed.

If I go to Start->Control Panel->Java (32bit) Control Panel and select "About" on the General tab, it shows "Version 8 Update 161 (build 1.8.0_161-b12)

If I then select the "Update" tab and click the "Update Now" button, I told there is a Java Update Available (Java 8 Update 181) but, when I then click the "Update >" button, I rapidly get a "Error - Java Update" window which tells me "Failed to download required installation files".

Again .... and again ... and again!!

Is it just me?? Is there a problem with my Win7 system??

Anyone got a valid suggestion??

Do we really need java on our pc's ?

Some probably do need it.

"The programming language is the most common way to build Android apps."

Fifth most popular on this survey.


Third if we are only counting actual programming languages.


I would need it if I wanted to use the LibreOffice database application.

*Python* (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Python_%28programming_language) is one of the languages developed by the Mathematicle Center (http://cwi.org) among the languages are *Algol68* and *B*.


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