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Re: Time Erases All

Wolf K wrote on 18/09/2018 7:48 AM:
On 2018-09-17 11:56, Sailfish wrote:
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[excerpt quote=\"
*What kind of computer were you working on* ?

Well, in middle school ... I grew up in Texas but in middle school I went to, we moved to Holland for two years and I went to the American School at the Hague and they had a PDP 11 in a room in the corner.

*I don’t know the PDP 11* .

It’s a mini computer. This was right before, right about the time Apple IIs came out.

*I remember the Commodore Pet* .
\" /]

le sigh

I shudder to think of the quizzical response if he'd mentioned IBM 360.

egads, I'm old.

Me done IBM 360... An evening class "interest" course, which began with binary code, then alphanumeric. We wrote the code, filled in little boxes on cards, took the stack of cards to the tech, and waited...

For me, it was punched-card programming at Night School in about 1981-82, then I was posted, in the Aust Army, to another Unit, where I was taught how to program a PDP-8 using it 8 (or was it 7) front panel toggle switches and an Execute button.

Then, in 1984, I was posted to another Army unit where I to learned BASIC programming on a Zeus (think Apple IIE clone) desktop. Whilst at that Unit, I did courses on 8085/Z80/6809 uPC Command language programming.

And, a couple of years later, I was teaching Computing and 8085 programming to the next generation of Army Apprentice.

Now all long gone from my memory!!

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