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Re: OT: Let's play the "I Don't Know the ..." Game

On Mon, 17 Sep 2018 09:12:27 -0700, in mozilla.general, Sailfish wrote: 

>My bloviated meandering follows what Sailfish graced us with on 
>9/17/2018 8:56 AM:
>> REF: 
>> https://www.recode.net/2018/9/13/17852908/roku-anthony-wood-apple-google-amazon-tv-competition-peter-kafka-media-podcast 
>> [excerpt quote=\"
>> *What kind of computer were you working on* ?
>> Well, in middle school ... I grew up in Texas but in middle school I 
>> went to, we moved to Holland for two years and I went to the American 
>> School at the Hague and they had a PDP 11 in a room in the corner.
>> *I don?t know the PDP 11* .
>> It?s a mini computer. This was right before, right about the time Apple 
>> IIs came out.
>> *I remember the Commodore Pet* .
>> \" /]
>> le sigh
>I Don't Know the HP-35S.
>I Don't Know the carburetor.
>I Don't Know the Pinto.
>I Don't Know the landline.
>I Don't Know the Princess phone.

I don't know the Reverse Polish Notation.

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