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Re: Wow, Google copies Firefox

On 09/04/2018 09:17 PM, B00ze wrote:

In an ironic twist, the new Chrome UI looks identical to Firefox's previous UI (which I think sucked) - Not sure if FF still separates non-active tabs with pipe lines as I use Classic Theme Restorer on FF52...



Yes, wow! I don't use it but just checked and I have a custom theme that is 3 simple color stripes horizontally. Dark green where the tabs are, white where the URL bar is, and buff where the bookmarks are. And it's all out of wack now. Sizes of everything are different and my colored zones are not the right height.

Looks a lot like this https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ratchet-clank-future-2/ejhfomhehcinmhgnlhdpghklkjgppdmn?hl=en but the picture does not show the bookmarks bar which I colored the same as that buff colored tab.

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