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Re: Is anyone watching the general-owner mailbox (and has anyone else received email from Avas Flowers)?

On 2018-09-03 14:54, Brian wrote:
On 09/03/2018 01:37 PM, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
On 03/09/2018 15:53, Brian wrote:
I'm only reporting what they told me in the exchange I had with them.
They were most emphatic about not having signed up. Possibly a
previous employee is to blame?

Perhaps you can send them this link to unsubscribe:


I don't have their contact eMail so you can do it and save us the
hassle to filter their spam.  you said you had a contact with them in
the past so please do it.

Done. Let's see whether it sorts the problem. Their address is
cs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, BTW.


I've seen emails from them, I think they've been hacked or hi-jacked. I've put them in a filter.

Wolf K
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