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Re: Is anyone watching the general-owner mailbox (and has anyone else received email from Avas Flowers)?

On 09/03/2018 10:04 AM, WaltS48 wrote:
> On 9/3/18 4:49 AM, Daniel wrote:
>> Mark Rousell wrote on 3/09/2018 12:05 AM:
>>> I've been receiving emails from a company called Avas Flowers who, it
>>> would seem, cannot remove themselves from the
>>> general@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> list. Has anyone else received emails from them? (I told them how to
>>> unsubscribe themselves but they tell me that they were unable to do
>>> this
>>> successfully).
>>> I've tried to contact the list owner via
>>> general-owner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>> but have received no response. Who is supposed to be watching the
>>> mailbox?
>>> Someone somewhere must be able to remove incorrectly subscribed
>>> members
>>> from the list.
>>> Although this list/group is not moderated, I have emailed Chris
>>> Ilias in
>>> case he knows who should be tending the general-owner mailbox.
>> I don't do the list, I do NNTP instead, but I thought there were
>> instructions at the bottom of each list e-mail explaining how to
>> un-subscribe from the lists.
> There should be, but they should have also bookmarked the web page
> where they signed up.

In the exchanges I had with Avas Flowers, they were adamant that they
did NOT sign up for the lists, they just suddenly began receiving the

> I'm subscribed to four Mozilla mailing lists. Each one has a "member
> options login page" where you can enter your email address and
> password, click the Unsubscribe button and, "By clicking on the
> Unsubscribe button, a confirmation message will be emailed to you.
> This message will have a link that you should click on to complete the
> removal process (you can also confirm by email; see the instructions
> in the confirmation message)."

Apparently this didn't work (at least, I told them to try it). I
suspect Mark may have got the answer, that someone is/was forwarding
them list messages maliciously. Somebody else will have to help them
if so, they got quite agitated with me when I told them I had no power
to remove them from the list, and I'm afraid I've dumped their address
into my 'nuke on sight' address book.


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