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Re: Is anyone watching the general-owner mailbox (and has anyone else received email from Avas Flowers)?

On 02/09/2018 22:02, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
> Why use the list when you can use a NewsReader such as Thunderbird and
> subscribe/create account  for these lists and post whatever you like
> using a fake eMail (mark.rousell@invalid.invalid).

(a) Thunderbird's NNTP handling is not exactly as I would prefer it.
Email works better for me. (In principle I'd prefer NNTP but just not
with Thunderbird's NNTP handling as it stands).
(b) And I am happy to be contactable off-list.

> Alternatively create a filter for their eMail and send them rude
> eMails to provoke them.

I try to be a little more professional and helpful than that.

> Are they EU based companies?  If so ask them if they they are not
> complying with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

They are US based but, regardless of their location, they are not
breaching GDPR.

(As a vastly off-topic aside, a US based business can breach GDPR as
easily as an EU one. GDPR is expressly extra-territorial in its scope.
How that would be enforced by EU enforcement agencies if the
non-compliant business is in a non-EU country without a mutual
law-enforcement treaty with an EU country or the EU itself I don't know,
but plenty of US content businesses (e.g. newspapers) are nevertheless
worried enough to block EU IP addresses entirely so as not to have to
deal with EU citizens. Of course, if the business has any presence
within the EU then it is pretty much on the hook with the EU for any
breaches worldwide).

> Also warn them if they don't stop sending you any material that you
> haven't asked for then you will have no option but to start legal
> proceedings.  This should put them in their right place.

As I mentioned to David E. Ross, they are in fact the ones receiving
material they haven't asked for. Right now, this list is effectively
spamming them(!). They are confused, don't know exactly what is
happening, and need assistance with getting themselves removed from the

I am glad to say that, as a result of the bug I posted, they are now
getting that help.

Mark Rousell

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