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Re: SOLVED Re: Still Unable to Install Thunderbird 60.0

On 30/08/2018 22:02, Wayne wrote:
> Right. The finer point people miss is product ... not ... managed ...
> by ... mozilla
> [...]
> Unfortunately that finer point is deeply buried and not elaborated
> upon in the blog post, namely "The Council will be managing all
> operations and infrastructure required to serve over 25 million users
> and the community surrounding it."

Indeed. It would be very helpful if this sort of thing was spelled out
on the Thunderbird website but I can't see anything about Thunderbird
governance or roadmap on there at all.

As an aside, I also note that the thunderbird.net website footer mostly
points to mozilla.org which is all about Firefox and Pocket and nothing
about Thunderbird. Even the target of the footer's 'Contact Us' link on
mozilla.org doesn't seem to have heard of TB.

Any suggestions about where to report/discuss the thunderbird.net website?

Mark Rousell

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