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Re: Trusted Recursive Resolver

My bloviated meandering follows what WaltS48 graced us with on 8/29/2018 6:31 AM:
On 8/6/18 10:52 AM, Caver1 wrote:
I don't know in which release Mozilla is planning to have Trusted Recursive Resolver or even if it is a given.
Maybe it is in a nightly now. I don't know as I don't run nightlies.
My question is is Mozilla going to let a user disable Trusted Recursive Resolver?

The experiment is over.

https://blog.nightly.mozilla.org/2018/08/28/firefox-nightly-secure-dns-experimental-results/ My Nightly 63.0a1 has a new setting in preferences, under Network Settings in the General tab, to enable or disable DNS over HTTPS and a field to enter a URL for a trusted DoH cloud based service.

It appears it will be opt-in for now but the wording was such as to not make that a hard commitment. To which I posit, "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?"

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