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“We must understand that things can get out of control because of the extremism that is prevalent in the area...We are all destined to live here together in this country and are not doomed to live like this.” --President Reuven Rivlin reacted to the brutal racist attack by Jewish Israelis on three Arab Israelis at a beach and alluded to the extremist atmosphere in the country.*

*Today was one of the rare days when there wasn’t one ‘big story’ in all the main Hebrew newspapers. But the papers all expressed woe over the drying up of Lake Kinneret and the death of US Senator John McCain. All the papers reported more details about the attack by Jewish ‘Russian-speaking’ Israelis on three Arab Israelis at a Haifa beach, noting that a judge released the second suspect to house arrest and interviewing the man who drove away the attackers. Yesterday, the three young Arab men visited Yair Alalouf, the man who drove away their attackers, and thanked him for saving their lives. President Reuven Rivlin spoke out against the attack. With the exception of Israel Hayom, these reports were towards the beginning of the newspapers, on pages six or eight. But like yesterday’s report on the attack itself, Israel Hayom ran today’s story on page 19. Meanwhile, two Arab-Israelis were attacked and injured by Jewish Israelis in Binyamina, Ynet reported last night.

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