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Re: Color Coding

😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote on 27/08/2018 5:21 AM:
On 26/08/2018 13:13, Mark Rousell wrote:
On 26/08/2018 04:35, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:

Good grief about getting governmental approval to distribute. Which
country is that? Not the UK, surely.

It is the UK.  Tax is something that requires approval because we get software specification from our HMRC (Even the tax form we use/create is also required to be approved before it is embedded in the software). Also, the data we send by Internet needs to be in a specific format so that their software can handle it.  These days there is no such thing as using the Post Office;  Everything is online -.

When we create any tax planning schemes, that too is also required to be registered with them.  We can't just sell any scheme we like because they need to know what are we doing to mitigate tax liabilities.  I believe the US have got the same rules.

Is it just me?? When I looked at Good Guys post, above, it looked like he was talking to himself!! (i.e. the "Good grief ...." comment being double-indented, so seemingly from Good Guy's previous post.

So I checked Mark's post and it certainly had the "Good grief ...." comment!!

Is this a new problem with TB?? Or with HTML posting?? Or .... ??


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