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Re: Color Coding

On 26/08/2018 13:28, Rav wrote:

Just curious why the edit box heights are so much taller than the text. Assuming they're not multi-line edit boxes, if it were me I'd reduce the height, or at least vertically center the text within the boxes. The way it is makes it look like each box is meant for multiple lines of text. Just my opinion.

The boxes are multilines. The form is a prototype for something major in a tax software where the tax payer can write nots to cover himself/herself. It is all about full disclosure in tax data and it is up to the tax authorities to ask any questions they have. If they miss something then tough luck because the tax payer has provided them with all the relevant info and so the ball is in their court.

These text boxes don't have the properties for text-align: centre but you can do so using code but I for this prototype I haven't done it.

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