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Re: Color Coding

On 8/25/2018 11:35 PM, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:

OK changed it.  Now I'll work on the Menus and MDI so that all the functions like Add, Delete, Search etc are in the Menu and the appropriate Form opens when the user selects something.

Yes the colours and buttons will all be the same on every form that opens including the Menu items.  I am developing a Tax & Accounting Software for a client.  The deadline is end September and we also need to get approval from our Tax authorities to distribute the software. Approval takes about 13 weeks!!!

https://i.imgur.com/IX6TcCb.png <https://i.imgur.com/IX6TcCb.png>

On 26/08/2018 03:41, Mark Rousell wrote:
On 25/08/2018 23:16, 😉 Good Guy 😉 wrote:
this one seems to be Colour-Neutral:

https://i.imgur.com/9WtyXvG.png  <https://i.imgur.com/9WtyXvG.png>
Apart from the blue on purple labels, I rather like that one.

Colour coding the navigation buttons (and using the colour coding
consistently throughout the program) does have user-familiarity value,
especially, from what I've seen, in custom LOB apps.

With over 950 million devices now running Windows 10, customer satisfaction is higher than any previous version of windows.

Just curious why the edit box heights are so much taller than the text. Assuming they're not multi-line edit boxes, if it were me I'd reduce the height, or at least vertically center the text within the boxes. The way it is makes it look like each box is meant for multiple lines of text. Just my opinion.
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