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Re: Color Coding

On 8/24/2018 1:09 AM, Daniel wrote:
Wolf K wrote on 23/08/2018 11:05 PM:
On 2018-08-22 21:52, Mark Rousell wrote:
On 23/08/2018 00:15, Mark Rousell wrote:
I used it to mean "fixed or made better". I.e. What Rolf K suggested

When I wrote "Rolf K" above I of course meant to write "Wolf K". Sorry
about that!

Well, since Rolf is short for Rudolf, which means "famous wolf", I can't say I'm offended. :-)


... but Rudolf was a (famous) Reindeer, wasn't he?? ;-P

That was Rudolph, and yes, he was "The most famous reindeer of all."
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