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Re: SOLVED Re: Still Unable to Install Thunderbird 60.0

Em 23-08-2018 12:20, David E. Ross escreveu:
On 8/22/2018 11:20 PM, Dave Royal wrote:
"David E. Ross" <nobody@nowhere.invalid> Wrote in message:

Also, I am still unable to get this very on-topic message to appear in
the mozilla.support.thunderbird newsgroup.

I see from the bug you resolved it.

Did your posts to m.s.thunderbird ever appear? (I don't see any
 new threads on this mobile, as I mentioned elsewhere.)

Yes, I solved the problem.  But then I discovered that too many of my
extensions are broken in Thunderbird 60.0.  I have thus reverted to
Thunderbird 52.9.1.

Although it crashes too much, I am partially happy with 45.8.0. Crash reports? Yes! All possible, with all possible details, and even allowing Mozilla contacts about those crashes - since several months ago, at a very weak least (meaning it can be much more). What ever happened in that sense? Absolutely nothing.

And there are people who moved away from Mozilla projects exactly because they run away from "selected" problems, flaws and bugs.


And yes, my posts finally appeared in mozilla.support.thunderbird.
Because of moderation delay of someone else's post, a recommendation for
fixing my problem appeared about 8 hours after I posted that my problem
was resolved.

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