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Re: Color Coding

On 2018-08-23 11:43, PietB wrote:
Wolf K wrote:
PietB wrote:
EnDeeGee wrote:
Good Guy wrote:
Do you think the colour coding in this Windows APP (yet to be released)
is a step forward in the right direction? Just trying to do something
different from the Windows colours we have used since 2001!!!
https://i.imgur.com/L9biHMU.png <https://i.imgur.com/L9biHMU.png>

Very ugly looking piece of crap.

Case of "onward we trod to the past". The checkbox texts should
be dancing gif's to complete the 90's look.

Please note: "trod" is the past tense of "tread".

Please note that "trod" is also the past participle of "tread".
In this case it stands for "mission accomplished". Of course
there's always room for retrograde "improvement".



Wolf K
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