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SOLVED Re: Still Unable to Install Thunderbird 60.0

On 8/22/2018 11:20 PM, Dave Royal wrote:
> "David E. Ross" <nobody@nowhere.invalid> Wrote in message:
>> Also, I am still unable to get this very on-topic message to appear in
>> the mozilla.support.thunderbird newsgroup. 
> I see from the bug you resolved it.
> Did your posts to m.s.thunderbird ever appear? (I don't see any
>  new threads on this mobile, as I mentioned elsewhere.)

Yes, I solved the problem.  But then I discovered that too many of my
extensions are broken in Thunderbird 60.0.  I have thus reverted to
Thunderbird 52.9.1.

And yes, my posts finally appeared in mozilla.support.thunderbird.
Because of moderation delay of someone else's post, a recommendation for
fixing my problem appeared about 8 hours after I posted that my problem
was resolved.

David E. Ross

Too often, Twitter is a source of verbal vomit.  Examples include Donald
Trump and Roseanne Barr.
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